The Artists Subscription Plan offered by Kala-Sanskruti is an affordable and flexible option for artists looking to sell their work. With four different subscription options, artists can choose the plan that best fits their needs and budget. One of the key benefits of the subscription is the freedom to change products every month, giving artists the flexibility to showcase new work and keep their inventory fresh. Additionally, Kala-Sanskruti has clear terms and conditions that provide peace of mind for artists. Finally, products can be listed for sale on the Kala-Sanskruti website by paying a small listing fee. If you're an artist looking for a hassle-free way to sell your work, join the Artists Subscription Plan today!


Kala Sanskruti Artist Subscription Plan. Bronze Plan No of Products - 2 No of Month - 1 Listing Fees ₹ 400

Listing Fees ₹ 400


Kala Sanskruti Artist Subscription Plan. Silver Plan No of Products – 6 No of Month – 3 Listing Fees ₹ 1,000

Listing Fees ₹ 1,000


Kala Sanskruti Artist Subscription Plan. Gold Plan No of Products – 12 No of Month – 6 Listing Fees ₹ 1,600

Listing Fees ₹ 1,600


Kala Sanskruti Artist Subscription Plan Choose from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Plan 24 Products

Listing Fees ₹ 2,400

1. Artists can change their products once every month.

2. Please check the artists’ terms and conditions mentioned in our Policy and Terms.

3. Products will be listed for sale on our website only after the artist has paid the listing fees.

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